Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones was in shock when we told her that she’d won not one, but TWO of the Christmas hampers! She’s glad she bought the extra ticket now!

They say that lightening never strikes twice, but thankfully good luck doesn’t follow that rule! Mrs Jones from Llandudno, decided to buy a whole book of raffle tickets rather than just the one, as she wanted to give a little extra to the charity this Christmas. But if you give a little extra it turns out you get a little extra, as not one but TWO of her tickets were pulled out of the hat when the raffle was drawn! It was almost as big a shock to the draw master as it was to Mrs Jones when we told her! Her advice “I’ve always believed you get what you give and there certainly was no questioning that this time! I’m delighted to have won twice! I just need to decide who to share my good fortune with now!”

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